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Do you have € 25,000 in equity and the ambition to run a Boutique Gym independently? Then become one of our Base Gym partners.
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Low investment

Your required equity is € 25,000. This is much lower than alternative franchise concepts in the fitness industry.

Fast launch

Our reformer machines with unique workout methods help you launch and grow your gym quickly and successfully.


You buy or lease machines at favorable rates. Up to 2 times cheaper than what the regular providers charge.

Professional back-up

From training to coaching, and from branding to lead generation, our team offers professional back-up to make your gym a success!

Based on high-tech Machine 'The Baseline'

The BaseLine is a lean, mean sexy machine. Modern, streamlined, silent and multi-functional. Full-body workouts can be realized in a short amount of time.

Totally on trend and here to stay ... HIIT, FIT & FUN!

The BASE GYM concept is based on the BaseLine high-tech machine: a newcomer to the European market. The basic principle is the direct targeting of muscle groups, in particular the core: the natural back and abdominal corset that determines posture and strength. The workouts are short and powerful according to the HIIT principle, and are performed on moving beats that bring users into an energetic and dynamic flow.

Limited Risk, high potential

The BASE GYM formula offers optimum growth opportunities based on a transparent business model. Many franchise concepts have high entry costs. We have solved that problem for you.

Add to that the BaseLine is a compact all-in-1 machine. With limited space you can already realize a BASE GYM franchise. Our team develops dynamic and varied training programs, and offers an extensive service & support package with support for club management, marketing and branding. In short: we do everything to make your gym a success in a fast-growing market with great profit potential!

Including the Workout App

The full-body Workout App is provided to all franchisers. You can share this app with members via the smartphone, or put it on a large screen. The app can also be used for compiling group lessons. Optionally, we deliver tablets on which the training videos are available.

Beginner, intermediate or professional? BASE GYM offers over 100 exercises to establish a solid foundation and to break through personal barriers.

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