Boutique fitness formulas with premium hospitality standard

We believe that life is short, so work out smart. Follow your passion and start a business that truly impacts lives,

“In today’s busy life, time is of essence and matters. The awareness and importance of being healthy and fit is increasing like never before. Everyone wants to look great #lookbetternaked, but we don’t have enough time or lack motivation. In a dynamic, fast paced world, we all need a tool to workout smarter. That is why I created the Baseline”

Sabrina Albert - Founder

Sabrina, our Base Boss, born in Germany and a former national gymnast who lived in different places around the world for 12 years after graduating from her Master. She loved being a group instructor and personal trainer next to her busy corporate job. When she moved back to The Netherlands after meeting her superman, she decided to follow her passion; inspire people in a busy world to a healthier lifestyle in a fun way.

In 2017, Sabrina teamed up with product developers in Haarlem NL, who are experts in the field of fitness equipment. The aim was to produce one machine which can do it all. A high quality, smart and sexy machine designed in The Netherlands, which drives results in a short amount of time so everyone can fit this into their busy lives. Together they designed the first, a self-build, prototype. This prototype was tested in Sabrina’s garage and we can tell you, this machine didn’t look sexy at all yet. After a month of training underground next to parked cars, amending the initial drawings and speaking a lot to the manufacturers close by Eindhoven NL, a 2nd and more sophisticated prototype was made. Another test period started, but now in a nearby gym, where this BaseLine was welcome and more people could try to kill this beast, but surprisingly that did not happen. With only a few optimizations the real BaseLine was born, just 1.5 years later. 

In the meantime Sabrina had time to put all the inspiration she got from visiting boutique gyms all over the world into a unique concept and workout method.

Sabrina finished her Bachelor in Hotel management in Maastricht, NL and then did her Master in Innovative Hospitality Management in Barcelona at the ESADE Business School.

"Working within the hospitality industry as well as on a corporate level at the Head Office Marriott Europe in Frankfurt taught me a lot about managing organizations, large teams, working with standard operating procedures, going the extra mile, having your unique selling points straight, working with a vision, but most of all how to implement hospitality. That is why hospitality within the Base Gym and Base Flow studio’s is something you have not seen in the fitness industry yet"